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give_and_take ([personal profile] give_and_take) wrote on November 8th, 2012 at 10:00 pm
I had thoughts but my main concern is that OMFG, SHOUPON WERE TWIITER!FLIRTING AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!! As in, Hiroto called Shou 'Sho-tama' and Shou said he was sleepy but Hiroto was making him excited so he can't sleep! OMFG!!!!!!!!!! (I just spazzed over this to roomie and she's like "you are so cute!" NO, THEY ARE CUTE AND OBVIOUS AND BDKJBDCJCNKJDCKSDJLKMXKL)

Umm, so mommy can't come for my surgery. I do understand, really I do. I was obviously more affected than this than I thought, I was hiding tears. Thank god my webcam is lq xD

I can't think of much happening today and OMFG, SHOUPON HAS MADE ME FORGET EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!
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