19 May 2015 @ 05:42 pm
I needed to do a long report on MUCC.

Let me start by saying there are no words in English, Japanese or fangirl to express how awesome it was!

Okay, so. I am disabled as you may or may not know. I usually don't take disabled seats coz I can stand a bit but I know both from experience and reports MUCC can get wild.
So disabled seats generally suck. Nuh uh. I was right down front.

So yeah. They took ages. When they FINALLY came out, I squeed like a fangirl at Tatsuro xD I danced most of the time despite having a seat and Tatsturo kept meeting my eyes and giving me a HUGE grin! One point, I was totally pooped from dancing so hard so I sat down and Tatsuro met my eyes, nodded and waved as if to say "Get up!" Well, I must obey my lord and master xD Omg xD They played Nirvana and everyone screamed but mine was like delayed reaction so I screamed really loud and high pitched and the guys beside me and at the bar just stared xD At the encore Yukke blanked on the word for run so he like walked his fingers and someone yelled "walk?" and he's like "no, not walk" Tatsu made fun of him xD
So after the show waiting for the meet and I was talking to someone and I turned round and Tatsuro was THERE lol my bladder almost quit working xD So the person took a pic on my ipad and I started to walk away and she told me to wait for a cheki so I stepped backwards and stood on Yukke's foot >.<
I'm sorry I planned to say more but I can't find the words. Here are my pics with them

wtf are Satochi and Yukke looking at?

They are so fucking beautiful in real life!

I'm happy. One of my biggest regrets in life is last time I saw MUCC, I had just had a car accident and they were at the end of a busy weekend so I enjoyed it but too pooped to let go and rock out, I totes feel I made up for it!

Merch I got a shirt, hoodie, wristband, bag and Shangri-la and VIP got free pamphlet and signed poster.

I didn't get many live photos coz tbh I forgot but I got a few

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