give_and_take: (Default)
give_and_take ([personal profile] give_and_take) wrote on June 1st, 2009 at 05:56 pm
I made THE BEST TYPO EVA! I was talking to Ree and meant to say sez and said sex xDDDDDDD

My friend got a new car and was like "you realize you're gunna hafta fill this with Japanese music) I must correct this. Thai too. GM) I've done 5 CDs so far and none anyone else other than NEWS, not even TegoMasu. Alright, I shoved GYM on 1. I've done all NEWS' albs, a random NEWS mix and a random Pi solos mix. *pouts* No point in doing any others, I won't wanna listen when NEWS is there.

I HAD to do an icon of ADORABLE pic x333333333
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