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give_and_take ([personal profile] give_and_take) wrote on June 3rd, 2009 at 08:46 am
Coz Ree is a wonderful woman who gave me links when my internet was being retarded, I powered through and have finished. I'm proud 14 whole and a bit of another. Or only 13 whole if you like, I never have and never will seen anyone else's Worst Date

He's so blunt o.o My fav's "wanna spend the night, baby?" I LOVE his logic for phone groups xDDDDDDDDDDDD I think ever episode made me sob. The end did but I kinda expected it tbh. When he said "bye", I was like "*sob* he'll never see her again ;__________;"  Soho-chan's a big fat bitch Dx Seriously. At least she's not blind, she has a crush on him. What's-her-name that he dates  kinda annoys me. Yuriko's also a big fat bitch for showing those emails to Hideo-san. I may not agree with her actions but she shoulda just divorced. Just not Yuriko showing Hideo-san those emails. AM I THE ONLY 1 WHO AT THE START THOUGHT OF SHALL  WE DANCE?
Back to logical order now. My next (Shounen wa Tori ni Natta) looks very sad ;__________;

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