26 May 2015 @ 01:40 pm
 Let's start when I left on Saturday. My train was 1:15 so I left right after lunch. In Ipswich, I ran into a friend who WOULD NOT let me go! The train to London was like "omg I'm really going!"
In London, I tossed up if I should buy a travelcard or full fare. Card was cheaper. I have never ridden the tube before but after some confusion, I got to St Pancras alive! My train wasn't for hours so I sat being bored until they finally let me board

Fuckers had me sitting backward even though I TOLD them backwards makes me ill. Ugh. So I got to see some of southern England

And passed through France.

I did not have a hotel in Bruxells so I spent the night on the station cept when they kicked me out for like 2 hours. That was when first dude violated me. First he asked if I wanted a drive anywhere. When I said no, he squeezed in to sit beside me even though there was plenty room the other side. He kept on holding my hand (despite me constantly pulling it away) and squeezing my thigh (wtf). I put on my mp3 player as a hint to shut him up but he demanded to listen then kept laying his head on my shoulder. In the end, I put it off and pretended battery died. THEN he offered me a massage (WTF). He then like leaned on me so I moved then he did it again so I moved again and he kept doing it. Eventually, I told him to stop and he laughed. Sorry buddy, maybe Belgian women shut up and take it but this English girl won't. I have never been so glad as when the doors opened! I found my platform but I still had a while so I went to pee then got some coke for a caffine boost! That's when I got violated again and tbh it wasn't so bad but he was unlucky enough to get me when I was tired, cranky and not putting up with any more shit. So this dude sits beside me and starts hugging me and kissing me. Security happen to walk past so I try subtly wave. They get the hint and start to take him. The dumbest thing to do in that situation is try get away but he tried. They arrested him and got a statement off me. They asked if I'd like to press charges but tbh, he was just a drunk old man, I just wouldn't want him to scare someone else. Anyway, so after they got my statement, I had to run for my train to Koeln. 

I was scared coz it was late but my train to Berlin was late too so that was okay. In Berlin, my hotel was like right opposite the station. I went in, dumped my stuff and got ready. I left as soon as, I kew Chi wouldn't be there yet but hotel was depressing, so cramped. So I got to C-Club just  after 3 (I think. Checked but don't remember). There was already a few people there. I actually saw Kim (who I met at ADAMS lol).We heard them doing the soundcheck lol and Tatsuro was being a dork xD Anyway, after a few hours, I met Chi, Yuki, JD etc and we just waited for doors to open. VIP actually went round the back. I had a scare cozzzz they told me I couldn't sit when previously they had. But I went in and they had seating for me so I guess miscommunication. I got my merch, 2 shirts and 2 cds. The merch lady remembered me and was amused I didn't buy much but I pointed out I had got it all in London.So I was lost in my thoughts when Chi found me and gave me a heart attack! I was like in the enclosure for the sound guys so Chi stood the other side of the barrier.

When Yukke came out, I clutched Chi lmao. The girl behind kept telling me to sit but I'm sorry, sitting I couldn't see and standard concert rules state every bitch for herself xD So me and Chi rocked together. Tatsuro was such a dork lol. One point, he was saying "danke shoen, bitte shoen" and made up a new word "sumimashoen" xD MIYA AND SATOCHI HAD SCRIPTS FOR THIER GERMAN LOL XDDD SO ADORABLE! Miya said he wanted to do it with us all but Chi says she's sure that's not what he meant. Maybe something about making love? I know my German isn't great but theirs is awful xD Tatsu's pretty good xD At least Yukke's is better than his Engrish xD At the meet after, we got something signed this time so I got the cd Kaity bought me <3 I got 2 photos (I think 1 was an accident) Yukke stole my damn kitty ears! I asked him to wear them in the photo and he didn't but he kept them! I think Tatsuro remembered me. And be proud, I remembered how to say arigatou XD


  Outside, I gave Chi the pamphlet and signed poster VIP get. I already had from London, plus I figured since she couldn't get VIP, she could at  least have the goods. I had to peel her off me xD Jk sweetie, glad they made you happy! Back at the hotel, I got chocolate and soda (my first food since before I left and first drink since caffine boost). Sunday, I got up early to navigate train station, I hear Berlin Hbf can be bad. I found where I needed to go pretty quick though so I got a baguette (like, real food xD) and coffee. I got my train but German trains are weird and don't say all the stops so I was scared it didn't stop at Koeln. In Koeln, I got KFC coz I was still starving. My train to Bruxells was late. I got a hotel this time coz didn't wanna be violated again. Took me forever to navigate the station xD Anyway, I got to hotel just after 10:30, stopped at the bar (just for a soda). This morning, Idk, I'm home.