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Birthdate:Jun 4
Location:Plover, Wisconsin, United States of America

Name: Hana
Age: 24 (truefax!)...but 12 at heart!
Nationality: American/British
Ethnicity: white/Native American
Current Location: Plover, WI
Sign: Gemini/Rabbit
Looks: 5'5, dark hair, gray eyes
Occupation: looking
Bad Habit: bite my nails
Favorite band: Alice Nine
Favorite singer: SO hard...I love Hyde but he's not done solo for YEARS. I'm picky about Tomo. Just in general, Shou is awesome.
Favorite pairing: ShouxHiroto
Favorite actor: 山下智久
Favorite movie: あしたのジョー/Moon Child
Favorite drama: Buzzer Beat
Favorite food: tempura ftw
Favorite author: Haruki Murakami
Languages: English, Swedish, French (well...what I remember of it), learning Japanese, a little of Thai and about 2 words of Korean
Best vacation: L.A/Chicago/WI June/July 2010
Locations lived: England, Scotland, America, Germany
Would love to visit: Sweden, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Spain, Australia, Switzerland
Hobbies: watching niconico, stalking Alice Nine's ohp, spamming Shou's and Hiroto's twitters, watching Alice Nine concerts, anything involving Alice Nine (oh yeah, anime and video games fit in there somewhere too xD)
Friend me if: We have similar interests, you won't bitch about my posts, you can handle weirdness, you will respect my right to an opinion even if it differs from yours, you like lulz
Don't friend me if: we have absolutely nothing in common, you can't handle weirdness, you can't discuss opinions in a mature manner
Music: Alice Nine, L'Arc~en~Ciel, GazettE, Goo Goo Dolls, FT Island, DB5K, The Ready Set, 宇多田ヒカル, 倖田來未, Royz, Guild, Nightmare, SID, ViVid, D=OUT, Girugamesh, Kra, T.M Revolution, vistlip, SuG, 春夏秋冬,ヴェルヴェット, FANTASY, ブループラネット, 光環, RAINBOWS, 華, 虹の雪, WHITE PRAYER, NUMBER SIX, Q., TSUBASA, every other Alice Nine song ever, DIVE TO BLUE, 自由への招待, snow drop, HEAVEN'S DRIVE, GOOD LUCK MY WAY, DAYBREAK'S BELL, イチブトゼンブ, Broadway, Black Balloon, Home, One, Drive, Rising Sun, More Than Alive, Forever Young, Starry HEAVEN, NOAH, Shining, 69, DEAR, FAKE, calling, explosion, Honne, Machibito, LOVE LAB, 虹を越えて, Order Made, Chimera, Suicide Circus, HOT LIMIT, White Breath
Top 10 bands/singers:
1. Alice Nine
1.5. Royz, Guild, SID
2. ViVid, Vistlip, Kra,
3. GazettE, Laruku, Girugamesh
Merry, Nightmare
5. T.M Revolution, The Ready Set
6. VAMPS, Hyde
8. FT Island
9. Koda Kumi
10. Abingdon Boys School
Likes: Alice Nine, Laruku, Hyde, VAMPS, Pi, Alice Nine, Japan, Thailand, music, Alice Nine, Dramas, Goong, Fog Street, Alice Nine, Unfair, Eita, Dream Boys 2006, Formula 17, Alice Nine, kool villans, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, awesome colored hair dye, Nintendo, Legend of Zelda, fanvids, Star Wars, Alice Nine, coffee, photoshop, tempura, Sushi, Bolgolgi, being a cam-whore, Alice Nine, playing with graphics, having fun, not taking life too seriously, warm places, bubble tea, Hiroto's crotch in my face, Alice Nine, LA, America, Stephen Colbert, That 70's Show, anything retro, making fun of Gackt, going to concerts, Alice Nine, having a good time, IM'ing people, writing and receiving letters, truly scary horror movies, Soul Calibur, Alice Nine, pink, talking on the phone, glittery stuff, TrueLife, Asian food, being a dork, Alice Nine, gaming, sonic, Alice Nine, beating the crap out of people on Super Smash Bros., having freedom to express myself, shopping, musicals, singing at the top of my lungs, Alice Nine, dancing like an idiot, parapara, Rent, Grease, Cats, reading, Terry Pratchett's Discworld, The 7th Guest, Catcher in the Rye, internet luls, EPIC WANKS OF DOOM, Alice Nine, Ice knowing I exist!, Nobuta wo Produce, my ipod, Alice Nine, Thai red curry, Japanese junk food, Buzzer Beat, Alice Nine, AMERICAN LEMONADE, coffeemaker coffee (made for me, it takes too long xD), instant coffee when made myself (I'm impatient!), Alice Nine, rock stars, Alice Nine, Chicago, Vampire Diaries, Tomo's Route 66 show, psychology, strawberries, Jon Stewart, Alice Nine, JRock, visual kei, Alice Nine, Hell Girl, Rayearth, Cowboy Bebop, Alice Nine, Shou, Hiroto, Tora, Nao, Alice Nine, psc, Alice Nine, niconico, shoesies, Shou's flawless hair, Secret of Mana, ShouxHiroto, MOGU BEING THE FREAKEN CUTEST DOG ON EARTH EVER!!, Alice Nine, being myself and not giving a crap, math (yes, I'm a dork), Alice Nine being dorks, Alice Nine Channel, Hiroto's twitter (he's amusing), D=OUT's Minase cosplaying Piccolo, Shou's man!crush on TMR, Shou being a demon king, Mao being a cute kitty, Shou being the biggest dork ever, Persona, Obama, writing ShouPon, Charmed, Alyssa Milano, Final Fantasy, Alice Nine
Dislikes: people not respecting my opinions. I don't care if you have a different one, just respect mine and I will respect yours., angsty dramas that leave my guys sad :( , crashing my car, Naruto, dubbed animes, people doing shit to my friends, Microsoft, Sony, the people on my hitlist, cheap-ass hair dye, Sailor Moon, Airwalks (hahah mine kept slipping off, it bugged the shit out of me >__<), cold, caffeine-free coffee, iced tea, SendSpace being a bitch, Whoever's idea it was that we should all speak different languages, homophobes, emo kids, MySpaz, liars, manipulators, flying, people who think that just because they love/hate it it automatically rocks/sucks and won't accept that other people might not agree, living in Scotland, people who think that I will automatically love them because "zomgz my family came from Scotland 600 years ago!!", people who look at me weird just coz I'm enjoying a concert, people who take things to seriously (even if it does sometimes provide lulz), spiders, bugs, fish, heights, clowns, my ipod's battery life, Hey!Say!JUMP, Yamada Ryosuke, TegoMasu in my continent canceled D:, Ayumi Hamasaki, Song SeungHyun, Saga, people who use me then treat me like nothing, Romney, the fact I can't think of any more likes

Made for me by millipi. She is so sweet! No stealy!

PS: Wheeee colourbars!!! Pwetty!!!!

Tomo is sex love

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Shuji to Akira are dorky love

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