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*~Hyper Japan~*
Cutting by day coz easier. Image heavy.


Wasn't leaving until after 9 and was up by like 6 xD Too excited lol. So anyway. Breakfast, dressed and sitting around for ages. I left about 9:15 and got a ride to the station. Got there like 9:30 and train wasn't until after 10 lol but nice day so I sat outside to wait. Finally my train arrived. So anyways change at Ipswich but only like 5 mins and literally next platform so not so bad lol. Train to London seemed to take forever coz it was finally sinking in. My train was late into Liverpool Street so I missed my connection and had to wait for the next one ugh. Not long to be fair just getting antsy! So anyway I got to Maryland (lol in London not the state lmao) and got a cab to hotel which was like 5 mins. I checked in and they gave me key. I couldn't FIND the damn room at first (uh, when you have 3 and 4, it stands to reason next should be 5 not 8). When I walked in I wanted to cry. The room hadn't even been cleaned, there was still rubbish from the previous and bin was full. The bed hadn't even been changed, the sheets were still everywhere, clearly slept in.
Anyway, when doing my makeup, I got my MUCC shirt dirty and had to change ;-; I threw concert gear in my bag and couldn't get out fast enough tbqh. I got a cab to the tube and took tube to o2! Finally! O2 is basically a huge tent with shops, club etc.
So anyway, I found the bit where Vamps were and sat outside. Right as I sat down, I saw someone who looked like May J but I told myself it couldn't be. After several minutes of debating I went up and told her she looked like May J to which she replied "I am". I MAY have fangirled a bit (if I KNOW I will meet someone I can calm fangirl but just random is dif xD) Okay, I admit it "Oh my god! I love you! Can I have a photo?"

"I still can't believe it! I totally love your songs! Can I have a sign?"

Lmao in my photos you can totally see how hyper I am xD She told me to enjoy the show, said goodbye and went inside. Well, I was hyper anyway so I went to get coffee and some chocolate.
Right before the doors opened, I got interviewed asking why I like Japanese culture etc. I also made sure to say Alice Nine should come to London :p The girl said she had seen me meeting May J and how nice it was I was so happy.= which basically translates as "You were hyper and I lol'ed" xD

Anyway, doors opened just after 6. I went to merch and got a Vamps shirt, Bloodsuckers CD and a towel. I found my seat then went to the bathroom and also got a soda. Just after 7, it began


Before I start I must say I only knew Vamps lol. Anyway, I loved Okamotos! They made me want to dance!! I loved them so much! And the adorbs vocalist! "Your cheers give us power. I don't care if it's lies or truth, just fucking do it!" So a fan! It confused me he spoke some German o_O


Maybe it was just "Give me my fucking Vamps!" but Alexandros failed to impress me. It probably says a lot that my fav part was when the bassist had technical problems so the others played Wonderwall by Oasis while he fixed it...


AAAAAAAAAAAAAA. You must understand, I have been waiting 9 years to see Hyde. Words will never ever describe the moment I did so I'm not even going to try. They came out playing Ahead English (sorry, World's End). By halfway through it I wanted to wave something around so I took out my towel lol. THEY PLAYED ZERO I EFFIN LOVE ZERO. I went a bit crazy during it and Kaz saw me and like every song after that he looked to make sure I was dancing lol.
It was over too fast when the finished Midnight Celebration, I'm like "already?" Of course ankore but still. I alsso went crazy during Devil Side and I swear Hyde made eye contact lol. Anyway when it was over I wanted to cry.

After it was over I saw the guitarist from Alexandros standing near me so I figured I should say hi and be polite. I got a photo and the asshole was cute >.< He could hardly English which I always find endearing and the sheer relief on his face when I started to Japanese xD (I seriously thought he was going to hug me).

I walked slowly to the station and missed the rush which was good on one hand but in my mind, less people = more likely to get mugged. Anyway, I got back to yucky hotel alive and got a cold drink. Not sleeping so I had a shower *snort* The light wouldn't work. I ended up leaving the door open. Even on full, the water was barely lukewarm. The shower head was busted and kept going into the wall so I just had to take it off and hold it. Ugh. After, I sort of stood on my glasses and broke them >.< I had the light off but was still wired and didn't sleep for like an hour xD


So first thing I woke up, got dressed (didn't bother with makeup) and went out coz I hated that hotel so much being out was a relief. I had a tiny wait outside o2 but not long. Inside, I walked to area 2 which took forever then had to wait till it opened. When it did, first thing I did was check out JPU Records stall! (priorities man!). After some music, I got some boba (I love boba okay)

I also tried some onigiri!

I walked around a bit after that. I walked by the X Japan booth and got a photo of Yoshiki's drums!

I got new kitty ears (you still owe me Yukke!)

I walked around some more just eyeing up stalls in general. I looked at the jewellery stall in the hopes of finding my darling something cute but I didn't see anything I thought would be liked >.<
When hungry for lunch, I tried some takoyaki. NOM. I HAVE WANTED TO TRY TAKOYAKI FOREVER! Okay octopus was a bit weird never having had it before but good lol. It was so freaking hot so got some more boba. Also got some Toppo (Toppo > Pocky). Just basically hung out until we were told the area was being cleared for session 2. Stupidly warm so I went to a store in o2 and got some soda.
When the afternoon session began, I made a beeline for X Japan booth. Not a huge fan but still can respect them plus II wanted a Yoshiki sign for my sweetie The guy at the booth was really nice and gave me a box to sit on and wait. It wasn't really crowded until like 15 mins before. Anyway, they didn't actually sign anything which disappointed me. They just gave high fives. Well umm, I missed Yoshiki's hand at first. When I turned around after I was done I fucking fell onto Yoshiki >.< Kill me. I still say London Bridge looks like a good option.
Anyway, I walked around some more and bought a gorgeous yukata.

After that I headed to indigO2 for Japan Night 2

Ling whatever

They weren't bad actually but I NEEDED a drink, about to pass out (did I mention the heat?) got back in during Alexandros


The vocalist bastard is trying to suck me in >.< "I know some of you will forget us and some of you will hate us but I don't care because I love every single one of you" >.< I also am starting to enjoy Adventure.


Again, AAAAAAAAAA. The feels were no less intense. The ting is, by that time I was EXHAUSTED so I couldn't force myself to dance much. Kaz looked to check I was there and looked disappointed I wasn't dancing the whole time (I did some just not all). One of the things made me sad was no Angel Trip on Friday but they did it this time (prefer Japanese but we are in England xD)

Anyway, after, either I walked faster or tube is just more packed on Saturday. Anyway, felt a bit better tbh. Back at the hotel, cold drink again then sprawled on the bed. I didn't even turn the light off coz it wasn't worth the renewed paain of moving again.


Just walked to the station coz I needed to start economizing on cabs. It was mostly a straight road and the reception guy printed a map for me. Not long for someone walking normal speed but took mee like an hour. Oh well, exercise xD Anyway, I got my wristband and everything and decided to just spend all day at the live stage in Building Six


They actually reminded me of Guyz and I ADORE Guyz. I had never heard of ONE NOT'E before but I so want more now!

It was actually just a screening not an actual live. I had been at the balcony before but I actually went and sat at a table and almost fell asleep because *yawn*

Honey Spice

Man, those girls can DANCE! The youngest looks about 10 (I looked up she's actually like 18 lol). I quite enjoyed them and I rarely like girl groups lol

Tokyo Girls Style

Okay, by this point, just like "I WANT MY LOST ASH!" I basically just sat on a stool so as not to lose my place at the balcony but couldn't see them lol

Lost Ash

Oh my! As they started, the announcer said they would be at meet and greet after!
So anyway! As expected, wonderful and I danced my heart out! I was the only one in my area showed any enthusiasm and Daiki looked up and waved! Also the dork xD "I don't know much English but I'll teach you some. Lost Ash"

Well, she said they'd be at meet so halfway through the last song, I ran outside lol. They were so sweet! Dye was being a dork and teasing the manager coz she couldn't work the camera xD Sai~ I said "Arigatou" to Show and Sai was like "Oh! Arigatou!" then I turned to him and said "omedetou" and he was like "Good!" then he like stood up and put both hand out to shake. Daiki was such a gentleman! When I got my photo, he pulled the chair out for me!

That photo is so cute!

Anyway, I went back into live stage for Vaniru but they failed to impress me and I left.
I was too tired to walk around more and it was like 5 anyway so I just went back to the hotel. I pretty much collapsed and barely moved aall night.

Monday, home, blah blah.
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