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give_and_take ([personal profile] give_and_take) wrote on November 4th, 2018 at 03:44 pm
*~Intro Post~*
I should do one of these or something. Not that I know what to say, isn't that what a profile's for? Anyway.
Hi, I'm Hana. I used to live in Scotland until September 2010 when I moved to WI. I love USA and will not go back under any circumstances. I am 25 and a college sophomore (yeah, I took a long break) doing a major in psychology and a minor in sociology. I am currently applying to spend a semester in Nagasaki.
I am absolutely obsessed with Alice Nine. Shou is my bias and ShouPon are my otp. I also like a lot of other VK like Roys, Guild, ViVid, SuG, Sadie, Nigtmare, SID, Vistlip, The KIDDIE etc (also like some older dibanded like BAQUEPIA and Givuss). I like JPop as well, 8/6 -nin NEWS, Yamashita Tomohisa, some older KAT-TUN, some Akanishi Jin, AAA and Koda Kumi. Like a TINY bit of KPop and I mean 2 groups, DB5K and FT Island (I usually know who people ARE though if you say a name though). Oh, I like one song by 2NE1. And there used to be a KRock group called Cloud Cuckoo Land. They had like 1 album. They were great~. I like a little Thai pop: Golf-Mike, ICE, Dan Beam, d2b, that's all I can think of right now. I do like a minute bit of CPop but not majorly, like I'll be watching a movie and "oh, that's a good song". Western I like The Ready Set, Goo Goo Dolls and Avril Lavigne. I also have a soft spot for 70s and 80s rock (well, glam rock IS the effeminate father of VK) and I just like some random songs.
I like anime a lot and will pretty much try anything ^^ Anime Network is my friend xD I really like Hell Girl, Magicknight Rayearth, Persona, Demon King and pretty much any Ghibli movie! I like Phi Brain a lot too! Honestly, I like a LOT of anime. Yaoi sometimes too but not a whole lot. Like, I'll watch but I don't have anything I "OMG LOVE!" and will watch repeatedly.
I like some older JDramas (not had time to watch a lot lately, I should): Buzzer Beat, Nobuta wo Produce, Long Love Letter, 1 Liter no Namida, Stand Up!!,  and Ikimen Desu Ne. Like some JMovies like Death Note the movie, Ashita no Joe and Moon Child.
I like reading. Fav is Haruki Murakami and I also like fantasy of most kinds. I will try pretty much anything except romance. And "how-to-get-a-boyfriend-and-keep-him" (aka Twilight)
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